Q & A

A little about us & how it works

How memberships work:

We only have a certain number of boxes available every month. Once you are subscribed, your membership will renew and you will receive a box even if the website says we are sold out. Your subscription is already accounted for in our inventory. 

It is highly recommended that you don't delay on signing up. We will sell out every month. 

How cancellations work

Once subscribed, you can access your member area to pause or cancel shipments. If you cancel right away, you will still receive your first box, but the order will not automatically renew. 

When will my box arrive?

Coffee is only sent once a month after being freshly roasted just for our coffee club members. Because we work with a different brand each month, the exact shipping date varies. Boxes tend to ship on the 14th via USPS 3-day mail.

How much coffee can I expect each month?

The amount of coffee can vary quite a bit month to month due to the vast price variations of working with different farms and roasters. Hawaii Coffee Box does make sure that the value of the contents matches or exceeds what you pay for. With the wide range of prices from one brand to the next, this could mean 8 oz or 16 oz of coffee, plus an additional non-coffee item. You can see exactly what you can expect in the next box by clicking on WHAT'S INSIDE

Ordering multiple boxes at one time - GIFTING 

Single time purchases can be made in the SHOP section. These boxes can be purchased in any quantity and do not renew. These boxes will be sent out the same time our member's boxes are sent; around the 14th.

Can I order ground coffee?

Not here, sorry. It's all about flavor retention.  Aroma starts to escape the beans once ground, and that aroma takes the flavor along with it. If you need to save time in your morning routine just grind the whole bag at once after you get it, and save it in an air tight container. 

Can I track my order?

Yes. Boxes are sent via USPS and a tracking number is sent to you with your shipping notification email.

Is international shipping available?

Yes! We will ship anywhere. Average shipping to Canada is about $15. Average shipping anywhere outside of the US and Canada is about $25.