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What's That You Ask?

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Why do I have to wait till almost the end of the month to get my box?

Coffee is only sent once a month after being freshly roasted just for our coffee club. That is why there is a count down ticker showing how many days are left to order for the current featured coffee. Check out what the featured coffee is by clicking on WHAT'S INSIDE. 

How much coffee can I expect each month?

The amount of coffee can vary quite a bit from one month to the next due to the vast price variations of working with different farms and roasters. Hawaii Coffee Box does make sure that the value of the contents matches or exceeds what you pay for. With the wide range of prices from one brand to the next, this could mean 8 oz or 16 oz of coffee. You can see exactly what you can expect in the next box by clicking on WHAT'S INSIDE. 

How much time passes between the order cut-off date and the box arriving to my address?

Here's the timeline: Last day to order is the 14th. The featured coffee company is notified of order total on the 15th and begins roasting. Depending on their roasting schedule and process (which is out of our control), the coffee is ready for delivery on average by the 21st. Packages have been arriving to customers as far as the east coast in as little as 4 business days. Please understand that this timeline varies each month because we are working with a new and different coffee company each month.

Can I order ground coffee?

Not here, sorry. It's all about freshness. I'm sending you a different coffee each month and I'd like you to be able to taste the differences in them. Aroma starts to escape the beans and take the flavor along with it. If you need to save time in your morning routine just grind the whole bag at once after you get it, save it in an air tight container, and keep it in your freezer.

Can I track my order?

Yes. Boxes are sent via USPS and a tracking number is sent to you with your shipping notification email. 

Is international shipping available?

Yes! We will ship anywhere. 

Are returns accepted?

Sure! If I see that the items weren't touched, I'll gladly consume them for you and refund your order, except for the price of shipping.