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 Hawaii's Coffee-of-the-Month Club

Go on a journey to a new Hawaiian coffee farm or roaster each month. 

Have you ever been on a coffee farm tour?

 Hawaii Coffee Box provides a way to go on a new Hawaiian coffee tour each month. It's for coffee lovers who enjoy a fresh roast, trying new things, or are just huge fans of Hawaii. Unlike other coffee subscriptions that send the same coffee each month, our coffee club wants you to feel like you're on a tropical tour, learning about what makes each highlighted coffee special, and collecting other unique goodies from the farm or roaster like honey or chocolate covered espresso beans. All while supporting local businesses.

What's inside the box?

  • Freshly roasted Hawaiian Coffee from a different brand each month.

  • Other products from the highlighted coffee brand, like chocolate or honey for example. 

  • Information about the coffee, where it comes from and what makes it special.  
See This Month

Easy to order

And easy to manage your membership.

Always on time

Order by the 14th of month to get the current month's featured coffee which ships out in the 3rd week of the month.

Great Value

Our mission is to over deliver on value. Ordering the same products else where will cost more. A perk of joining our coffee club!

It's Fun

As if coffee didn't already bring you enough joy as it is, now you can expirience a different piece of Hawaii each month. 

How It Works

1. Set your preferences

Pay month-to-month, or pre-pay 3 to 6 months. 

2. We curate your box

With the freshest coffee after the 14th of the month. 

3. Go on a coffee tour [in a box]

Experience a piece of Hawaii.

Customer's Say,

"Since I grew up in the Bay Area, I have always figured all coffees were  supposed to be roasted like Peet's. I have trouble getting into lighter  roasts, but when they are fresh like this one, it helps a lot. Keep up  the great job, and I'm truly enjoying my coffee tour. Since I can't be  there as much as I like, this is the next best thing!" 

-L. Stanley, NJ

"Love the quality and variety that arrives every month!  It's like Christmas or my birthday every time!" 

-T. Collins, NC